Internet Marketing – Strategy for Online Business

Today every business is trying to make their online presence for this it is necessary that you must make proper planning of promotion of your online business, web site creation and the technique you want to follow and implement in your strategy.

For online presence first step is to create a website that have all the services and products you want to sell. Making a website for people that easy to use and interact is the best. Today interactive web is growing so users want that they can easily interact with your customer care or concern person easily so that they can get answer of every question on go. So, make a website that is competitive and represents latest technology.

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Indian e-commerce Companies Profits and Bubble

The first six months of calender year 2011 have seen 9 deals worth $108 million in the online retail space, According to Grant Thornton., the 70-crore online retailer of books and electronics that is reportedly close to bagging a private equity investment at a valuation of $1 billion (about 4,500 crore).
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Google +1 – Recommend the Content You Like to friends on the web

Google launched today a feature that will make the search engine more social. Its “Google +1″ button that will be rolled out slowly in the Google system with this user can share and recommend their friends a web site that may be useful for them.

+1 is the great feature with which Google will try to compete with the Facebook and will try to control the social sphere that is far reach from the Google after so many updates like Buzz, Profile, wave and so on.

This +1 button will provide the user power to provide the ratings of the web pages according to their usefulness.

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Top Buzz in Social Media

These are the hot Buzz in Social Media’s, news and forums:
  • iPad 2 Launch
  • Facebook comments system
  • Facebook valuation
  • Twitter valuation
  • Quora
  • Angry Birds’ coming to Facebook
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Starbucks mobile payment system

The mobile payment system Starbucks announcing it has expanded the “pay by phone” program to 6,800 of its stores, plus more than 1,000 outlets inside Target stores in US.

To use the system, Starbucks cardholders load an application onto their iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones. The application displays a barcode that’s scanned at the register to pay for drinks. Users can also manage Starbucks accounts and find nearby stores with the application.

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What we will focus in 2011 ?

The main focus of Esearchclick technologies in 2011 is mobile, search and social marketing.




Some Google products under consideration:

Google + 1

Contextual Discovery

Google Fiber

Chrome OS

Google TV

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Ad Spending on recovery in the first half of 2010

In U.S. advertisers spent $54 billion during the first half of 2010. Automotive with (+27%) growth is on the in the top 10 product category ad spending and auto insurance (+23%).

U.S. television continues to dominate, accounting for $33.8 billion.

Regional Increases in Advertising Dollars Spent

U.S. Ad Spend by Sector
Category Quarter 1, 2009 – Quarter 2, 2009-$$$ Quarter 1, 2010 – Quarter 2, 2010-$$$ % Change
Automotive 3,491,438,000 4,431,709,000 26.93%
Pharmaceutical 2,090,707,000 1,998,762,000 -4.40%
Motion Picture 1,645,751,000 1,592,196,000 -3.25%
Telephone Services – Wireless 1,758,535,000 1,518,600,000 -13.64%
Restaurant 805,082,000 824,978,000 2.47%
Restaurant – Quick Service 2,114,925,000 2,024,575,000 -4.27%
Dealerships 1,634,702,000 1,602,897,000 -1.95%
Department Store 1,516,520,000 1,591,149,000 4.92%
Products – Direct 933,141,000 828,155,000 -11.25%
Auto Insurance 623,212,000 764211,000 22.62%
Total 16,614,018,000 17,177,235,000 3.39%
*Excludes Internet spending. Source: The Nielsen Company

U.S. Ad Spend by Media Type
Media Type Jan-Jun 2009 Jan-Jun 2010 % Change
Business to Business $1,305,504,250 $1,054,525,521 -19.22%
Cable TV $8,063,091,000 $9,108,321,000 12.96%
FSI Coupon $246,535,406 $253,643,516 2.88%
Local Magazine $215,200,797 $198,596,922 -7.72%
Local Newspaper $5,175,683,500 $5,187,628,000 0.23%
Local Sunday Supplement $26,757,018 $23,533,229 -12.05%
National Magazine $7,261,397,500 $7,425,700,500 2.26%
National Newspaper $603,244,125 $668,556,625 10.83%
National Sunday Supplement $460,186,281 $559,376,875 21.55%
Network Radio $491,766,875 $494,776,188 0.61%
Network TV $10,587,809,000 $11,489,960,000 8.52%
Outdoor $1,506,906,750 $1,530,320,000 1.55%
Spanish Language Cable TV $205,042,672 $202,412,703 -1.28%
Spanish Language Network TV $1,326,478,750 $1,646,938,375 24.16%
Spot Radio $2,572,394,500 $2,514,994,000 -2.23%
Spot TV $10,637,725,000 $10,292,083,000 -3.25%
Syndicated TV $1,096,335,750 $1,107,379,875 1.01%
Total $51,782,059,174 $53,758,746,329 3.82%
*Excludes Internet spending. Source: The Nielsen Company
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Google’s Ad Sitelinks

With Ad Sitelinks you can you can point to specific information on your site. On average, advertisers who use Ad Sitelinks have seen their ad clickthrough rates improve by 30%.

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Apple iPhone 4 Launched : WWDC keynote Steve Jobs

Apple iPhone 4 Launched  : WWDC keynote Steve Jobs

iPhone OS 4.0 is called iOS

iMovie on iPhone

Jobs called it “Thinnest smartphone on the planet.”

SEO services

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Yahoo Going to Integrate Facebook

Yahoo Going to Integrate Facebook

Yahoo is going to integrate Facebook on many of their services and Yahoo profile. Now you can update your status on Yahoo Home page, Yahoo mail, Yahoo buzz and many more Yahoo services. It’s a great integration and Facebook is going to increase their web presence and Yahoo is becoming more social.

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